Knoxville City Council held a third workshop devoted to Recode Knoxville on Thursday, April 4, 2019. The discussion covered major policy questions that had not been fully addressed in previous workshops. Those topics included ADUs, office zones, home-based business regulations, duplex minimum lot sizes, outdoor lighting standards, and commercial design standards. A presentation and policy issues are now available below.

In addition to Council’s conversation, AIA East Tennessee and the East Tennessee Community Design Center presented the findings of their February Design Charrette. During the charrette, six sites throughout the city were used to evaluate the proposed ordinance. The full report is now available.

A final draft will incorporate Council’s suggestions and is expected in early May. A specially called meeting has been scheduled so that Council can consider Recode. The meeting is tentatively scheduled for May 14.


Council Workshop 3_2019-04-04

Policy Issues3_2019-04-04

Design Charrette_Final Report_2019-04-02

CTV Broadcast