Project reports and other documents related to Recode Knoxville are posted below.

Ordinance Drafts

Map Drafts

Recode Zoning Charts

Though the names of zones have changed through Recode Knoxville, the uses of those zones have largely stayed the same. Charts are now available that illustrate the changes made to each type of zone. Notes are included to explain major changes in each zone. The charts present percentage shares of old zoned acreage in new Recode zones. Percentage shares that are very small may not be visible on the chart, but values are shown in the legend.

Zoning Charts

Zoning 101

Knoxville-Knox County Planning worked with the Urban LeagueSEEED and Centro Hispano to help gather input from traditionally underrepresented sectors of the city.

Part of that outreach was a Zoning 101 document, designed to explain how zoning affects residents and businesses. This document is available in both English and Spanish.

Download the flyer below

English Español

Residential Districts Comparison Table

How do proposed residential districts compare to existing districts?

One of the three primary goals of Recode Knoxville is to protect things uniquely Knoxville. Our neighborhoods are key to the strength of our community, and we want to protect these areas in order to maintain that vitality.

View Table (7/15/2019)

Commercial, Office & Industrial Districts Comparison Table

How do the proposed commercial, office & industrial districts compare to the same districts in the existing code?

One of Recode’s goals is to invest in aging industrial sites and commercial areas. The proposed changes provide better, more flexible standards that help them thrive.

View Table (5/7/2019)