It’s time to hear about your ideas for Knoxville’s new zoning code. To make our “recode” a success, we need broad input from the community.

The survey looks at a variety of issues and topics across the City,  including neighborhoods, commercial areas, transportation and sustainability, and explores a few ways to address them.

Take the community survey now!

No experience required

Even if you haven’t cracked the cover on the zoning ordinance, as a Knoxville resident, employee or property owner, you can complete this survey and help provide direction for the project.

Looking forward – not back

The survey does not spend a lot of time asking about the current zoning ordinance. We are focused on getting your ideas for making Knoxville stronger.

Who’s eligible to take survey?

If you live, work, shop or do business in Knoxville, we want to hear from you.

Closing date

The survey closes on July 20, 2018. We’d rather you were impulsive and took the survey now. But if you need a little time, keep that date in mind.